4th quarter 2000 News and stuff....

December 31, 2000

Well, the last update for the year. There's a review of Enya's latest in the Music World -- a bit of reflection on the opinion planet -- and a few additions to the movie list (thanks in part to a Christmas DVD Player).

December 20, 2000

Today was the last day folks in Decatur could order thier computer in time for Christmas -- obviously not a problem for you folks reading this though. The election is over (finally) and the Give Up blurb has been relegated to the Opinion Page archives, where a little bit a Christmas observations have been posted. This site will also be copied to my new domain www.tuesdaynite.net/willy where it will eventually stay for good. Actually, now that I have a CDRW drive, page maintenance is much easier -- burn the page to a CD, and use a machine with a broadband connection to transfer the data. Beats 56k dialup...

December 10, 2000

Just a few weeks to go until Christmas -- and thanks to my new job in the retail market, I can pretty much count on not getting any real time off to spend the holidays with the in-laws. I'm not sure if that's good or bad -- but it is what it is. Since the election mess is still going on, the blurb at the top remains where it is. Hopefully the madness will end soon though.

October 19,2000

Yes, I know -- the 2 blurbs below never got posted (until now) -- I've been a very bad boy when it comes to timely updates. But honest and true, once I write this stuff it get's to late to send it in -- then I don't have time to do it again. You're only getting this update because I want to let everyone know that I now have my own domain -- www.tuesdaynite.net -- and eventually this page will be transfered there. I haven't been truly satisfied with my ISP, ever since they got bought out by a bigger outfit (who in turn was recently bought out by Earthlink). Besides, the server I found -- www.featureprice.com -- only charges 4.95/month for 50Megs, unlimited (within reason) bandwidth, my own IP address, and 5 pop accounts on my own mail server. Pretty slick....

October 6,2000

Still extremely busy -- so much so that even though I actually wrote an update to this page I never got the chance to post it!! Since then I've rebuilt my sisters computer, installed a CR-RW in my dad's computer, rebuilt a couple of my own computers, and worked, worked, worked. Of course, the advantage of work is that I now have money to do things like buy spare hard drives, a new processor or 2, and a 3 disk CD changer (too bad I don't think it has NT drivers for it -- it would be great to keep my MP3 CDs in). I also appear to have become the expert on the PAT45PVS motherboard and the Nec Versa S/33 notebook. Or at least that page ranks high on search engines.....

August 18, 2000

Well it has been a while since I've updated here, but I haven't been taking a break during that time. The first part of that was spent photographing and posting pictures from out church's Vacation Bible School. That took about 5 hours each day (3 for Bible school, 1 hour to get the pictures out of the camera and cleaned up, then another hour to write (and rewrite) the pages and get the stuff uploaded and tested). I followed that up with creating a Flash movie slideshow (for people who didn't want to look through the hundreds of pictures I posted). Then it was off on another vacation -- I have 119 softcopy pics, and another 96-100 hardcopy pics that have yet to be processed. Then I'll have to wade through the mess to pick out what's worth showing off to the world. All of that while starting a new job with Gateway, and starting a new school year.

Busy, Busy, Busy.