April (and some from February) News and stuff....

April 27, 2000:

Well, you can read my 2 cents worth on the whole Cuban affair on the Opinion page (you didn't think I would let this slip by did you?) There's also another music and book review to read through. And believe it or not, I have finished the last song for my first collection (sort of), and should have it sent off for copyright purposes by the end of the week.

April 21, 2000:

Got the taxes sent off, and despite my in-laws meddling in our finances, we still get enough back to cover our property taxes (my 5 year old suddenly acquired an investment portfolio that earned more than I did last year!). The demo recording continues slowly -- I actually have enough now to send off a CD to the Library of congress for copyrighting, though at $30 a pop I want that thing as full as possible. I've also revived a demo tape from my days with The Dusty Hughber Group -- I plan on adding a few bonus tunes for the CD, and re-mastering it (and maybe posting the music somewhere). Not much new, just a few clean-ups an updates, but at least this is new.

April 5, 2000:

I have been incredibly distracted of late, and I wish I could say it was for good purposes -- alas no. But I have regained my center, rediscovered my priorities, and managed to destroy a friendship. Like I said, it wasn't all good. But I am back again, and hopefully things will be getting back to normal -- or even better. This update has been pushed back several times, because I keep adding new stuff -- New Music review, new Book Review, an entire new World of Computers to visit, a new rant, and many other little updates. Also, I am trying out Macromedia's Dreamweaver -- in some ways it seems a bit easier to use than Frontpage, and supposedly it makes creating nifty HTML tricks easier too. We'll see. We're also rapidly approaching the end of 640X480 limits -- the new computers page just isn't doable in less than 800X600 -- sorry.

February 11, 2000:

As you can see, I'm falling back into my old bad habits -- 20 days since the last update. Oh well, the January bits-o-news have been copied off and tucked away on the Opinion page -- along with a new gripe I have yet to write. There's a new book review, and some edits to previous reviews. Lately, I've been an e-mailing fool -- old high school friends, pals from my bachelor days, and a cat named Felix who just dropped a line after crossing my path a week or so ago.