Another Christmas

It's another Christmas, and for the first time in my life, I've had to deal with it from the retail trade side. I guess I should count myself lucky that I sell just computers, instead of those poor folks left to deal with the onslaught of people shopping at discount stores and the like. In fact, I've already recieved, returned, and replaced one of my holiday gifts -- My wife bought me a DVD player, and wanted to test it out before she left to go to her parents house. Good thing too, because it didn't work -- the replacement one works fine. She's getting a heart pendant necklace with Ruby and Diamonds, that will match her bridal set (shh, don't tell her). I'm also getting us Cell phones, so we can call for help if we get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Laura gets a PooChi (which she knows about), some new books for her LeapPad (which she probably knows about) and a new Freddi Fish game. My sister and her husband already got most of thier gift (a scanner -- for birthday and Christmas), but we're suprising them with our old printer as well (I know it doesn't seem like much of a gift, but they don't have a printer yet....). We already mailed my brother and his family thier gifts. So we're about done -- maybe a little something more for Dad (I'm thinking computer supplies, mostly). I hope you're about done too.

Try to find that old Bible of yours, and read Luke 2 -- all this talk of gifts tends to push the real reason for Christmas into the background. Bring it out in front of your family where it belongs this year.

And I hope that your Christmas is wonderful too.