For the benefit of our users who would like to have a home page, but don't know how, I've created a home page maker. Fill out the form, click on the test button, and if you like what you've got, send it in. Let's get started, shall we?

What would you like to call your page (This appears at the top, where you see 'HomePages2go')

Pick a background:

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Text Color:

This is a list of the fonts most likely to be on most everyone's machine (as far as Win & Win95 are concerned). Pick one -- and see what happens.

Normal  Arial  Comic Sans  Verdana

Type in a short greeting for your page (you know, Welcome to so & so 's web page -- that kind of thing)

What Size do you want your greeting (click here to center)?

1. Really Big

2. Big

3. Bold

4. Normal

Here's a box for you to write a message to the visitors to your page:
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