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Some Sample pages

This page is an attempt to sell myself as the author of your web pages -- what better way to do that than the tried and true (and endlessly repeated) method of showing what I've done so far.

Little Willie's World
My own personal page, where I try out my tricks, and attempt to stretch my wit (and vocabulary) writing reviews for the many movies I own. There are some interesting sub pages in that group including:

The Benton Family Reunion Page
Strangely enough for a clan our size.... You get the idea. This page was a short time use page designed to make information available to the family, and is no longer updated.

Tuesday Nite Music

This page is being developed an effort to self-promote various music projects. It's still under development, but will include the obligatory music samples, lyrics, and information about the music itself.

I have also been involved with pages for some local businesses (the pages are no longer available though, sorry), and have done some basic HTML training for an area real estate company. Exciting, isn't it.

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