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Why use Tuesday Nite?

That's a pertinant question isn't it. Especially since everyone and thier brother has access to any number of web development tools -- including me. I've used everything from a simple HTML enhanced version of notepad, to Frontpage (the site view on Little Willie's World was so convoluted you couldn't see anything!) and Frontpage Express (butchered all my image maps whenever I used it), Net Objects Fusion (Obscure, but handy for simple quick and dirty pages), and Dreamweaver (not a bad tool, just have to keep an eye on the link locations). None of these tools has ever done everything I've wanted -- and each have introduced little quirks that caused problems later. Maybe you want to avoid that kind of thing. Maybe you don't have any idea where to start. Maybe you don't have the time.

I have time, tools, and experience building websites. I have ideas, and know how to implement them. And it all comes wrapped up in an inexpensive package.

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