Why is Tuesday Nite Music?

Because I'm broke, and don't have enough money to promote my own music the way other people do. Each CD and cassette I send out is painstakingly hand crafted, and individually assembled. Each label printed laboriously on the 2 printers on the network, each CD insert and cassette J card carefully cut and folded by my own 2 little hands, the same hands that record the music out in the cluttered garage. No generic, hand written inserts, no felt tip cd labels -- only the closest a cash deprived guy can get to an almost authentic looking product. Oh sure, someday I might actually be able to afford to record in an actual studio, with compressors and pitch correctors to even out my unsteady voice -- and real musicians instead of the computerized ones living in my soundcard. I might even be able to one day afford guitars that don't leave my hand aching from trying to play chords that aren't buzzing on the frets. Then I might be able to afford an actual mass run on CD's from a real duplication company. But even if that happens, Tusday Nite Music will still be giving out the lovingly hand made versions to the lucky few.