World Of Bunnies
What is life without a bit of whimsy? And what could possibly be more whimsical than pictures of cute little bunny rabbits?

I'm not a big fan of shoving loud, smelly pieces of yard equipment around my yard -- we used to pay someone to do it for us, until we came to our senses and decided it wasn't worth the equivalent of $30 and hour to mow the yard. But last year I got an even better excuse to put off mowing the grass, I didn't want to hurt these little guys.

We didn't find the little guys at first, the neighbor's dog did. Unfortunately one of the litter didn't survive the discovery. Of the remaing 5, one later got grabbed by a large bird (according to the nieghbor who said it was screeching the whole time it was being carried off).

The last 4 seemed to surivive ok, until they got big enough to take off out of the yard when we got too close to them. Little Laura was disappointed to see them leave, we used to go out and carefully check on them each day. But those 4 little guys weren't the only visitors we had.

Not more than a month later, in a nearby spot, we discovered 5 more little rabbits hiding in the ground (the brown spot in the upper left was the hole they were hiding in).

We carefully rounded them up into an old plastic bucket each time I actually got around to mowing the yard, careful to never actually touch them. I don't know enough about rabbit family relations to know if the mother would have abandoned them if we had touched them -- so we didn't.

After the second group headed off on thier own, we never saw any others. Since last year we have completely fenced in our back yard -- well, almost completely, there is still a 12 foot strip between the fence and the alley, with plenty of little holes, and maybe if I let the grass get a little bit too high....

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