3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath home in quiet small town neighborhood, within walking distance of schools, post office and library. Less than 10 minutes from shopping and resturaunts. less than 25 years old. Fenced back yard with additional parking access from alley.

That was the description of our house when I first wrote this page. Things have changed since then - now the house is 2 story new construction with 3 times the space of the old one. But this is still a good place to tell a little bit about myself - so here goes. First of all, I don't really go by Willy, Willie, or even William (my given name). Usually I'm just plain Bill. Short and to the point. My wife is Sharon. My parents are Bill and Sharon. We all live in the same town, and go to the same church. There is frequent confusion. Our kids are Laura and Alex - Laura is a shy, unassuming teen, who's in Show Choir, Student Council, Baton Twirling, advanced math, reading, and English. Alex is a 6 year old Kindergartener who has taught himself to read at a 2nd grade level. My wife is a school teacher at a little school district a few miles away, enjoys sewing and needlepoint, judge shows. I'm currently a stay at home dad who collects movies, cultivates carpal tunnel by playing the guitar, and fiddles with computers.

If you're a central Illinois employer looking for someone with computers skills, a good command of the English language, and more to say than the average person, take a peek at my resume.

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This stuff down here is for the benefit of search engines -- I went and looked for my name and I couldn't find my page, so I'm going to stick it down here in any form someone might happen to look for. William S Benton Bill Benton Billy Benton HM3 Benton Mt. Zion High School 1982 Hospital Corps School 86039B Field Medical Service School Field Med School 8701 Richland Community College