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What could possibly be more pointless than a house full of computers? A house full of outdated computers? Maybe, maybe not, but here is the current inventory of what's sitting in this house.

My Machine
Being the main computer geek in the house, I get the most powerful machine, everything else works on the trickle down theory. My current workhorse is:
intel Pentium4 2.4 Ghz
Albatron PX845PEV Pro Mobo
Ever 10 bay ATX case (black)
1Gb PC3200 memory
Maxtor 300Gb Hard Drive
WD 80Gb SE Hard Drive
NEC 8X DVD+/- R/RW Drive
Samsung 16x40x DVD ROM
3.5" Floppy
ATI Radeon 9600 XT 128M
IBM P200 20" SVGA Monitor
Dell 19" LCD display
Creative Soundblaster Live!

3Com 10/100 network adapter
Altec Lansing ATP3 speakers
Logitech Internet Navigator Keys
Logitech Ifeel optical mouse
Microsoft Sidewinder Pro FF2
HP PS7760 Printer
HP P1000 Printer
Mustek Bearpaw Scanner
SanDisk CF / Smart Media reader
IBM/Tripplite 525VA UPS
HP Jornada 568
Canon A710 Digital Camera
Samsung yepp MP3 player

My Notebook
Geeks had a nice deal on Dell notebooks (and aparently someone had already exchanged the volatile battery out in this one, it works well, and wasn't on the recall list)
Dell D600 with:
1.6Ghz Pentium M (centrino)
512M DDR266 memory
30G Hard drive
LiIon battery
Power adaptor
Removable CDRW/DVDROM drive
ATI Mobility Radeon 9000
14" TFT XGA screen
ESS audio (with speakers)
Gigabit Ethernet
Agere V.90 56K modem
Dell 802.11g WiFi miniPC card
Dell integrated Bluetooth adaptor
Believe it or not, after 22 years of DOS/Windows, I finally have a Macintosh. I have some upgrades planned (lets face it, there's only so much I can do, but for now...
Apple iMac graphite with:
600 MHz G3 processor
512Mb PC133 memory
40Gb Hard Drive
Slot load CDRW Drive
15" SVGA Monitor
ATI Rage Pro 16M
IBM Multimedia Keyboard
Microsoft Optical Mouse
The Battle Cruiser This one is my first major case modification project.
AMD Athlon 64 3200
Abit KX7-333 Mobo
Ever ATX case

512M PC2100 memory
Maxtor 120 Gig Hard Drive
LiteOn 4X DVD+R/W
Acer 16X40X DVD ROM
3.5" Floppy
Asus geForce ti4200 64M
Proview 19" monitor
Logisys 17" trueflat Monitor
Ensoniq AudioPCI
Linksys 10/100 network card
56k V.90 PCI Winmodem
Panasonic Multimedia Speakers
IBM Multimedia Access Keyboard
IBM Optical Mouse
Have a Bad Day
Yet another case mod project.
AMD 1GHz Duron
Midtower ATX case
512M PC133 memory
WD 40 Gig Hard Drive
Transcend Radeon 9000 64M
ProView 17" Monitor
integrated audio
Labtec Pulse 420
IBM Keyboard
Labtec Optical Mouse
Sharon's Machine
Sharon's machine doesn't need a lot of power, most of what she does is surf the web, and make up homework papers using Word. But since it's in her bedroom now, it does need to be smaller than her old one.
Compaq evo D540 with:
intel 2.4 GHz P4
intel 845 motherboard
256M PC2700
40G hard drive
Panasonic CDRW/DVD drive
int Intel Extreme graphics

Dell 19" LCD Monitor
CyberAcoustic speakers w/sub
int network, sound
Microsoft Internet
Microsoft Optical Mouse
HP DJ970
Tripplite Internet Office 350 UPS
Sharon's Notebook Sharon's notebook is my old notebook. What can I say, it still works good, and she probably won't use it very often anyway...
Compaq EVO N600c with:
Intel Mobile Pentium III 1.066G
Messenger notebook case
512 PC133 memory
40G hard drive
8 cell LiIon battery
Power adaptor
Removable DVDRom drive
Removable Superdisk Floppy

8X4X24 CDRW in slim usb case
ATI Mobility Radeon w/16M
14" TFT XGA screen
IOmagic Bluetooth adaptor
ESS audio (with speakers)
intel 10/100 network
Agere V.90 56K modem
Belkin 802.11g WiFi PC card

Laura's Machine
I saw a good deal on a better board that would fit in Laura's flex case, so we upgraded her to something that could run NOLF2 (so she can help me save the world from H.A.R.M.).

intel 1.8GHz P4
Aopen Flex case
Tyan 845 Mobo
512M PC2100 Memory
20G hard drive
Mad Dog CDRW/DVD rom drive
nVidia geForce FX5200
HP 17" SVGA Monitor

Integrated Audio
Labtec powered speakers
Dlink 802.11b USB adapter
Belkin Optical Miniscroller Mouse
IBM Rapid Response keyboard
APC BackUPS 350
NT Server
This equipment runs all the time, and provides central storage for MP3 and emulator files, a print server, and gives me a chance to work with NT.
Intel Pentium 133
AOpen Socket7
Midtower Case
48 Meg Memory
850 Meg Hard Drive (system)
9 Gig SCSI2 Hard Drive (data)
DTC SCSI2 controller card
50x Afreey CDRom Drive
ATI UltraVGA Video
Sceptre 13" Mono VGA Monitor
Dlink 10/100 network Card
IBM Keyboard
Microsoft Home Mouse
Canon S450 printer
Tripplite 500VA UPS
Dlink 5 port 10/100 switch (2)
Dlink 713P Wireless Router
Bestdata 56K external modem
Studio Machines
I use these machines out in the garage for creating and recording music.
Intel PIII800EB
Tekram P6BXAn
Genica Midtower case
256 Meg Memory
40 Gig Hard Drive
HiVal 24x10x40 CDRW
32M Geforce2MX
CTX 14" SVGA Monitor

Aureal Vortex
Labtec Pulse 520
Kenwood KR2090 AM-FM Receiver
Alpine 6X9 Coaxial Speakers
Dlink 10/100 network card
Belkin Optical Miniscroller Mouse
IBM Multimedia Keyboard

Intel Celeron 1.8 gHz
MicroAtx case
256 Meg PC2100 Memory



The current list includes:

Dell D600 -- (see above)

Compaq Evo N600c -- (see above)

Dell C610 -- Mobile P3 1000, 512M, 20GB, CDRW, 10/100 network, 16M mobility Radeon, 14" TFT XGA, bad battery

Itronix XC6250 -- P133, 32M RAM, 1.5G HDD, Mono Screen, ruggedized case, 33.6 modem, bad battery

DIED!! Zenith Znoteflex-P -- P75, 48M RAM, 2G HDD, 3.5" FDD, TFT


Motherboards and Processors

Micronics 54Hi (PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors)
Amptron M519
Matsonic M5A89
Magitronic EXP8551
Generic P60/66
M Tech 486 PCI
ASI VLbus 486 (major date problems)
Micronics 486 ISA w/Intel 486SX33 (and memory addressing problems)
Generic 486 VLbus w/ Intel 486DX33 (5 volt chips only)
Generic 386SX25 w/processor
Generic 386DX40 w/processor

Intel P166 MMX
Intel P166
Cyrix 6x86-166
Intel P150
Intel P133
P60 (2)
AMD 486DX4-120
AMD 486DX4-100 (3)
Cyrix 486DX2-66
PCTel 56K V.90 Winmodem
2 ESS Teledrive 56K V.90 Winmodem
Compaq 19.2 DSVD
Supra Express 14.4 (not tested)
Gateway Telepath 14.4 (US Robotics mfgd)
Hayes Accura 14.4

S3 VirgeDX 4meg PCI
IO Magic SIS8236 8 Meg PCI
Hercules Stingray PCI 1Meg (Avance Logic chip)
Hercules Stingray Pro 1 Meg PCI (Ark Chip)
Expert CEGA 480 (even have an EGA monitor to go with it)
Expert TopVGA - 1Meg ISA (Western Digital chip)
ATI Graphics Ultra - 1Meg ISA (ATI chip)
Machspeed (?) - 512K VLbus (Cirrus Logic chip)
Diamond Stealth 64 Dram - 1Meg VLbus (S3 chip)

MediaVision Thunder&Lightning (1meg Video & 8 bit sound)
Ensoniq Soundscape Vivo90
Gallant SC6000

Conner 1.06 Gig
Western Digital WDC2540 540 Meg
Western Digital WDC2540 540 Meg
Western Digital WDC2540 540 Meg

Epson LX86 -- 9pin
IBM ProPrinter XL
Other Stuff
Alpha Research 400 ISA Caching controller -- actually made by Tekram, could be potentially useful, if I could find out how to make it work.
Iomega PC2B w/boot firmware -- If I could find a drive it actually works with.
Generic VLbus IDE-I/O -- Promise chip
assorted ISA I/O cards
second channel IDE card -- for those IDE cdrom drives
MFM Controller and 2 40Meg Drives (but no cables!)

Ok, so most of this stuff obviously came from upgrades -- in fact the ATI Ultra video card, the Telepath modem, a 4X CDRom drives and the 486 Micronics motherboard all came from one Gateway PC, the Ensoniq VIVO and a P133 came from another. Still, you can always find someone who is looking for a cheap replacement or upgrade for a part in an old computer -- in fact, the Compaq 19.2 was replaced by an Acer 28.8. I've got plenty of parts to build more machines, but how many old pentium (or 486) machines can a guy use? If you're interested in anything let me know -- but remember, this is used stuff. It works, but maybe not the way it originally did -- AT motherboards that only work with ATX power supplies (a common problem I've found), integrated peripherals don't work properly, driver skittishness, and other similar things. But since you'll offer me cut rate prices, it shouldn't be a big deal. Right? RIGHT???

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