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Why Tuesday Nite?

While it's true that Tuesday Nite isn't exactly a business, it has been doing stuff for many years. My first official publication was a newsletter for a local christian singles group that I was a member of. Each month I hassled and bothered the group leaders to come up with an inspirational little article to fill up a few column inches, while I filled up the rest of 2 pages, and generated a calendar with Print Shop. The amazing part of this is that this was 1985, and all this was being done on an Apple II (talk about cutting edge!). That's all well and good you say, but it still doesn't explain the Tuesday Nite part. Guess which night the weekly Bible study was -- in fact, before we actually settled on a name, most of us refered to it as the Tuesday Night Bible Study. Later on, when several of us formed (or attempted to form) a band, we considered the name Tuesday Night. But then I went into the Navy, the bass player and the other keyboard player got married, and everything just fell away -- except the name. Since then, Tuesday Nite Ink. has produced a demo recording (and the art work) called Put in a Different Order, by The Dusty Huber Group (me and the guitar player from the above mentioned group), and a rather silly christmas tape modeled after the Chipmunks (except they were gophers this time). Then, with the arrival of the WWW, came the arrival of Little Willie's World -- the first page. Then, came the revised Little Willie's World, this page, and the whole darn site it all sites on it now. I wrote a home page generator -- for people who don't know HTML, don't want to know it, and don't want to spend a lot of time doing it, it seems to work OK with IE5, although it's sometimes questionable with other browsers. Recent projects have involved a major updates to all the pages, a completely new demo CD and rebuilding various PC's.

Busy, Busy, Busy...

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