Find out what kind of music Little Willie likes to listen to, and what he thinks of it. Better yet find out what he thinks of Something old .

Other musical Opinions...

A Day without Enya
Spirited Jewel
Don't Forget About Alison Krauss
Unconditional raves for Ginny Owens
Time for Sugar Ray
Celebrity Skin Holes
The book of Loreena McKennitts Secrets
So Long, So Alison Krauss and Union Station
Objects of Suzanne Vega
Pieces of Jewel

Enya Like most people, I started listening to her music only after I heard 'Orinoco Flow' from the Watermark album. Then I decided to see what else she had out, which led me to her first album (which has recently been remastered and re-released as The Celts). She also has Shepherd Moons, The Memory of Trees, a 'best of' collection, and her new A Day Without Rain. She writes haunting melodies - simple but complex at the same time, and sings with an airy lilting voice in English, Gaelic, Latin, and other languages that give a mysterious air to her music. Visit her at the Enya page.


On the soundtrack for the movie Singles, (a film about single life in Seattle) the best song was by a band from (of all places) Chicago. Their album Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, will probably go down as one of the decade's most ambitious works, and could well put this group in the history books. Don't forget to check out some of the earlier, rawer releases -- Gish, Lull, and Siamese Dreams (the big breakthrough album) Smashing Pumpkins

The Alan Parsons Project
I spent many nights in Kathy Franklin's dorm room talking, playing Backgammon, and goofing around - all listening to Turn of a Friendly Card. I have everything but the greatest hits tapes (they contain no new material), and Tales of Mystery and Imagination twice - original and remastered. Ok, so his music was more likely to be found as background material for General Hospital, but he reintroduced the orchestra as a rock instrument.

King's X I first found out about these guys from an article in Rolling Stone. On the basis of what they said, I went and got Gretchen Goes to Nebraska. Talk about some kickin' music. Ok, so the first album, Out of the Silent Planet, was more of an exercise in emulation (each song seemed to sound like someone else), and the 4th album, King's X, was some what lacking, the other ones, Faith Hope Love, Dogman, and Ear Candy, more than make up for whatever may lack in the others

Andreas Vollenwieder
I first heard this guy when I was at Corps School. I was out looking around at a record store, and White Winds was playing. Later, when I returned back home, I checked the library, and found that this guy had lots of stuff, and it was fantastic. His album, Eolian Minstrel, was a big change, in that he had actual lyrics for his music, which added a new dimension to his unique work.

Larry Norman I've been listening to Larry Norman for a very long time - but then again he was been around for a long time. If it weren't for him, contemporary Christian music would still be in the stone ages. Sadly, Larry passed on from this world Feb 24, 2008. He will be missed, but his music lives on.

Windham Hill I was working in radio when I first heard of Windham Hill - William Ackerman's Past Light and Mark Isham's Vapor Drawings. Windham Hill doesn't exist anymore, but at this site you can check out them, as well as my personal favorite, Michael Hedges (I was quite saddend to hear of his death, he was a fantastic guitar player).



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